【NoCode】The future is coming without programming! -Message to beginners in programming

Today is the last day of 7 serializations about “No Code”.
On the last day, I did the following tweet.

Let’s start the final round!

“No code” has become popular, but I’m going to end this story by saying “What should I do?”

First one is “Let’s learn as a break in programming”. When I first heard the word No Code, I thought, “No Code has been around for a long time, what should I do now?”

However, during my investigation, when I was using it, it was in 2013, when I was using it. At that time, I was using an LP production tool called “Muse” released by Adobe. The muse was pretty easy to use, but it still didn’t feel right.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on “no-code tools” these days, but the quality is improving, and there are more and more cases of actually selling them, so there is also “no-code”. I thought that it might be.

Basically, I think it’s better to study programming, so I think it’s better to study no code during a break in studying programming. If you study hard for 3 hours on a weekend, you will get bored. When you feel tired, try lying on the bed for a while and trying the No Code tool.

I also go to the tutorial page of the service called bubble, and if it’s hard to read because it’s in English, translate it into Japanese and try studying like that.

There’s something I want you to remember and add it later. I also like partial no-code. This is exactly the method I used to use.

No-code tools still have problems such as dirty code and difficult maintenance. The fact that it is difficult to maintain can be thought of as being possible to use no code if the page is not maintained.

For example, in a simple example, LP seems quite good. LP is a landing page, which is a portrait page when selling. With this, I don’t think that maintenance is necessary.

I think it’s best to use a no-code tool when making such an LP. Make only LP without code, and program other parts that need maintenance. For example, if you receive an order for two corporate sites and an LP, make sure to program the corporate site properly and make the LP with a no-code tool.

I myself was doing this a lot. The homepage or some kind of web media is made with WordPress, and other parts of LP production are made with LP’s no-code tool. There is no such thing at all.

Later, let’s expand our interest in related fields.

1)”Zapier” and “MailChimp”

For reference, I wrote two. For example, “Zapier” and “MailChimp“.
These two are very famous, but I will explain a little at the end.

This “Zapier” is basically a tool that can be automated. As you can see from this figure, when you receive a file with Gmail, you can save the file as it is in Dropbox and notify you with a stripe as it is saved in Dropbox. I will.

You can do this without programming. Therefore, more and more people are using this Zapier. It is introduced at the request of the client.

So, how did you introduce it? For example, you make a blog with WordPress.

When you press the update button of the blog in the created WordPress, you may be asked to have it automatically posted to Facebook at the same time.

Since many of our customers are tedious, we would like to have automatic notifications on Twitter and Facebook once we publish our blog…

It is very difficult to build this with the system, so I will use this Zapier. With this, when you publish an article on WordPress, it will be posted on the Facebook timeline as well as on the Twitter timeline.

It’s such a great tool that you can do it automatically without programming, it’s also a no-code tool.

2)”Mail Chimp”

Next is “Mail Chimp“. If you are an e-mail newsletter, you may know this, but this is the e-mail newsletter no-code tool.

There are many e-mail magazine tools in Japan, but you can use this MailChimp to send very rich mail.

If you say something rich, you can send an email decorated with HTML.

Something like that can be done like this with this feeling. If you want to create a slightly upscale email magazine, I think you should give it a try.

3)customer success

Will be the last. Focus on customer success and more. Nowadays, subscribe is also popular with the word no code. It is a subscription.

Take Netflix, for example. Netflix is very profitable. When that happens, customer support becomes quite important.

What is the concept of this customer success? When a customer inquires, it is a service that makes the customer very satisfied.

It is in the spotlight now. Therefore, when you examine the No Code, you can see quite a few such customer support automation tools.

When it comes out, I will investigate with the question of what this customer success is. When I find such a thing, how do I do it? Type “Customer success” in the search window of Amazon and buy one or two books displayed in the top rank.
If you read them, it is very understandable to say that the knowledge in the field.

This may be the case with this example as well. If you want to know more about “No Code”, you can also check out No Code on YouTube. If you search for No Code on Amazon, you will find many books about No Code.

Therefore, it is important to see and read such things. By accumulating knowledge in related fields with these learning tools, you can increase your added value.


This is the final episode, but I gave an explanation with the title “Message to Beginners of Programming”.

We encourage beginners to search for related books on Amazon when they see something new, buy and read them, or browse related videos on YouTube.

I have been practicing this teaching at an accelerated pace since watching YouTube videos. In a blink of an eye, knowledge was input into the brain, so I gave you an output in this way.

I have output and new input!

Thanks to this repetition, I was able to start creating the site “no code” for building a site like “Udemy” which is a video material distribution type that I always wanted to do from yesterday.

It’s still a Baby step, but I hope to disclose information to everyone including this process! Stay tuned ☆彡

Thank you for reading this article to the end.
This is the end of the explanation of “No Code” titled “The future is coming without programming!” I wrote seven articles for just one week.

I would be more than happy if this information is useful to you.

No code is a weapon of the near future☆彡

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