【NoCode】The future is coming without programming! – No-code, “an idea to earn”!

The article about “No Code” is finally finalized.
The contents of Manabu’s YouTube textbook will end tomorrow.
As I always say, “somehow” it will be “no code” in the future
I would appreciate it if you could understand.

Yesterday, I talked about the money-making technique at the end of “How should I live in the no-code era?”
This page this time is also about money-making techniques.

I’m always trying to talk about Manabu’s channels and programming, all about money and business.
If you want to know the details technically, it’s probably better to see some other engineered channel than my channel.

Manabu is also an engineer, but it’s a business man, a manager, a freelancer, or one of them, so I’m talking about how to make money.

Rather than being interested in technology, I’m more interested in how to use it to make money. I would like to convey this point to everyone.

Well then, the first one. Actually, I think that you can do this content after watching this YouTube.
I think I’ll create a site called “Telework OK“. When it comes to telework OK, what I imagine is a site called “remote OK“.

画像に alt 属性が指定されていません。ファイル名: remoteOK-1024x379.jpg

This is the “remore OK” site. It may be hard to read in English, but in short it is a recruitment site for remote workers. This was completed in 2017.

I’m a huge fan of Peter Revels, the developer of this site. Originally I was a very favorite person and I always looked at this person’s site because I thought it was good. It is still growing very much.
This is a global marketplace and is a recruiting site for people who want to work remotely.

I think it would be good to make a simple Japanese version of this. The name of this site overseas is remote OK, so I’m a bit dull like “Telework OK”, but I’m wondering if this name is good because remote needs are high right now.
Due to the influence of corona, everyone will want to telework. After all it is better to stay at home.

So, “The current company is also subtle in Corona” “Isn’t it good for teleworking?”

If there is a list of companies that can do telework, isn’t that good? Moreover, if it’s teleworking, I think that I can apply to any company anywhere in the country whether I live in Iwate prefecture or not. I think it’s pretty good. That’s why such remote work relationships are growing.

画像に alt 属性が指定されていません。ファイル名: remote-circle.jpg

To give another example, this company called “Remote Circle” was also a recruitment site for remote workers, but it was recently acquired. Where was it acquired? This is the site called “WE WORK REMOTELY“. That’s here.
This is almost the same as “remote OK” introduced earlier. It seems that there are a lot of jobs for remote workers.

画像に alt 属性が指定されていません。ファイル名: WE-WORK-REMOTELY-1024x590.jpg

Overseas, recruitment sites for remote workers are growing, and the number of acquisition cases is increasing. Therefore, I think that it will grow considerably in Japan.

Then, how to make it is “no-code aggregation service“.
This is also a technical story, but it’s very easy.

You can create it by using the “bubble” introduced earlier or by using other no-code tools for web application development. So we will do aggregation.

What is aggregation?” means, for example, sending a robot to various sites and the robot pulling the necessary information.
The service that pulls in information and puts it on your site is called an aggregation service. (The figure below: From the IT glossary e-Word: http://e-words.jp/)

The most famous site is “Indeed“, which was acquired by Recruit. This is also an aggregation service.

For example, if you search for something like an engineer, you’ll find various jobs, but all of these jobs are actually aggregations.

画像に alt 属性が指定されていません。ファイル名: indeed-1024x421.jpg

In short, I’m pulling from the outside. The reason why I understand it that way is that “Green” is written here, and this is being pulled from a job site called Green.

For example, this is being pulled from “Cyber Agent“.

With such a feeling, aggregation is quite convenient. It pulls information from various sites and puts it together in one page.

If you put it together, access will come there. When access comes, value is created there. Such a mechanism is aggregation.

Therefore, I will create an aggregation service with no code, and create a kind of site dedicated to telework there. We will bring telework OK companies all over Japan to the aggregation. For companies that can’t bring it to aggregation, look for it manually. I feel that value is created by listing them.

These things can also be extended by corona surfing. This is “maybe the most important thing”. Actually, I made a site called “Telework OK” a long time ago. That’s 2017. I was trying to make it halfway, but I thought it wouldn’t be popular in Japan, so I stopped.

Because in 2017, I was doing research on remote work OK companies all over Japan, but it was not there at all. There were only about 10 cases, and it looked like “Wow, 10 cases”, and I thought that it wouldn’t be a recruiting site that I couldn’t do with 10 cases at all. However, I think that the number of telework OK companies has probably increased considerably because of the influence of corona right now, and that’s why I think it’s a good idea to ride these waves.

Plus, because of this wave riding, another thing I would like you to remember is the service called “SPOTTO“.

画像に alt 属性が指定されていません。ファイル名: SPOTTO-1024x492.jpg

It seems that SPOTTO is also making all this without code.

When it comes to what kind of service this is, it is written as a platform for web information sessions. In short, you can remotely find a job.

Nowadays, it is difficult for job hunters to find jobs due to the effects of corona, so this is a service that connects companies and job hunters remotely.
What’s great about this is that the service was recently acquired… “Make it, buzz it a little, and sell it right away!”

So I think the developers are making a lot of money. The reason why these things could be stretched suddenly is the corona. Corona is happening and various companies are in a difficult situation. I feel that it will be difficult if I do not recruit remotely. That is why various companies were in trouble.

There are people who make the platform for the web briefing session. This is a mess. It is a model that you can sell and earn. Moreover, it is made with no code. It seems that programming is zero.
Speaking of which, there may be many people with zero programming skills who are watching this video right now. Even if there are many, you can create a service called SPOTTO like this.

If you make and sell it, there is a possibility that it will come in millions or tens of millions of money. It’s the best, isn’t it? I wanted to convey that here.

This “free idea for earning money” ends here.
Mr. Manab, of course, is a person who has foresight, not to mention his own experience. The following 1 phrase that Manabu says is also a support message for those who are new to programming and for those who are learning but can not do it ☆

Many people may have no programming skills. Even if there are many, you can create a service called SPOTTO like this.

I think some of you have already been able to use “no code” to build a site in the past few days.
Some people like me (laughs) will be full of knowledge and understanding.

However, “the times are uncoded”. In particular, in this era of with corona, I also understood that the tool that can reverse this predicament is “no code”.

After that, who will hit by executing ☆彡

If you read this series of articles and found someone who built a “no-code” site, let us know. I would be very happy if you could introduce me here ☆彡

Thank you for reading to the end today.
I would be more than happy if the information is useful to you.

For the time being, “Tomorrow is the future without programming?” ] Will be the final episode.
Thank you.
See you again! Ciao☆彡

[Reference & Citation Site]
WE WORK REMOTELYhttps://weworkremotely.com/

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