【NoCode】The future of programming-How to live in a no-code era?

Now that I have somehow understood the difference between “no-code” and “low-code”, I will talk about the theme of “how should I live in the no-code era?”

So far, I have explained the basics about “no code”, 5 major tools, and the differences from low code. I’m sure that I’ve been “somehow” better understood about “no code” and some programming issues, and I’ve become more interested in trying it. I’m very happy if you feel like that.

Now, as I said in the title, I would like to explain “how should I live in a no-code era?” with some comments and so on.

Programming never goes away. As I said, there are still various problems with just no code. However, I think it’s a huge growth for the industry, so I think it’s better to keep an eye on it from now. Especially for beginners, I think it creates more opportunities.

Until now, people who like code have earned money. To be honest, programming is getting easier year by year, honestly.

For example, the famous place is “Horiemon’s Live Door“. When Horiemon was making money at Livedoor, at that time, speaking of programming, he had to type everything by himself. That was the era.

However, as of now, it may be difficult for beginners to understand what they think, but programming in this era is very easy. The reason why it is easy to do is that it already has libraries, tools, and so on.

For example, in an easy-to-understand example, WordPress and Stripe are just right. With these, you can create an EC site without programming. After that, it was probably “AWS of Amazon” that had a big impact on some programming markets. (This will be Amazon’s cloud server.) After all, Amazon is making a lot of money in the server business.

Everyone uses the Amazon AWS server. The reason why we use AWS is that we only need to install the server. Various necessary functions are included from the beginning. So with just a click, you’re ready to build the foundation for your web service. That’s a great service.

I couldn’t do anything like this before. We built it from scratch, called it debug, tested it, and made it. It took a huge number of steps, and a huge number of people were involved and programming for days. This is in vain, along with the “reinventing the wheel” we talked about on the first page. AWS will automate that. With that feeling, only things like AWS will be used.

When something like “no code” is born like this time, the threshold of programming will drop significantly. If it goes down, even elementary school students will have an opportunity. Until now, I think there are many people who have studied programming crazy. However, programming techniques change year by year.

For example, even if you start this year, if you catch up with new tools and new technologies, you can catch up with veteran engineers quite quickly. Therefore, I think that such rapid changes in technology in the no-code era may be an opportunity for beginners.

The most important thing is to understand the needs of our customers. Regarding this, I made a lot of research on No Code while making this material. At that time, I thought about the following.

There are companies that create your service with no code, but from my point of view, I’m honestly sorry from the top, but I don’t think there is a need for this. I will. What I mean is that there are almost no other people asking customers to make it without code just because no code has become popular.

For example, a cafe owner wants to create a home page. If you make a suggestion whether to make it without code when you think so, the owner will be asked “?”.

“What is no code?”

To the average person, the no code is (still) “?”. Therefore, making with no code is completely different from the customer’s needs. Instead, we will listen carefully to the needs of those customers and talk about “I want to create a site.”

Until now, I had to program. However, recently, there is such a tool called “no code”, so it becomes possible to make a suggestion that “this option is also available”. In this way, if you become an engineer who can make “two proposals” to clients, you can increase your income considerably.

Speaking of which, you can make a homepage with HTML, CSS, or something like that, but I’m proposing that you can also use a no-code tool. If there is no code, it is possible to inform the customer that it is easy to update or correct after making it once.

After explaining up to this point, the last step is to ask “Which owner do you want to use?” This kind of sales can also be done. Therefore, “the most important thing is to understand the customer’s needs.”

If no-code is now a buzzword, it’s not like making all with no-code, but it’s really important to think about this point: “What is the really best way?” ..

After that, the phrase at the bottom of the plus is “I made a lot of money by modifying Wix”. You may have been a little worried, but this is also how to find new opportunities. So I’ll explain a little.

For example, manabu’s Wix SEO solution. manabu is No.1 Japanese blogger!

If you search for “Wix’s SEO measures”, Manabu’s site will be in 7th place (see the figure above). This is (see the figure below).

[Professional] Wix is weak for SEO but convenient [WordPress victory]

Wix, in short, can create websites by automation. It’s a tool that anyone can easily create. I think maybe 20 or 10 years have passed. It is a “no-code tool” that is very old. With the development of these uncoded technologies, various people will start creating sites on Wix.

Then, everyone will notice the disadvantages of Wix. Wix is ​​very weak in SEO, in short, in attracting customers.

The reason is that the code automatically generated by Wix is ​​messy (I don’t know if it’s appropriate for this kanji, but it says “messy”). So if you’re going to use a no-code tool from now on, I think it’s better to check the code yourself. Even if you check it like that, it is almost dirty. There is no choice because the machine is doing everything. So, there are quite a few people who are worried about Wix SEO measures. Those worried people end up in this article. As I read this article, this is not a plea at all, and I myself should not use it because Wix’s SEO is weak. “” (without Wix) Pay about 150,000 yen You should build it yourself.” I am writing these things in a blog post.

Manabu doesn’t use Wix. You can make a beautiful site at an initial cost of about 100,000 yen, and that’s fine. If you are looking for an engineer, write “Please contact us”. I wrote about one sentence or about five sentences in this article, but every month from here, I get inquiries such as “Please make something”.

I haven’t made it because I don’t have any capacity. I am introducing it to a friend. Being able to receive orders of 150,000 yen each month means that this article alone will bring in more than 1.5 million yen per year.

What I would like to tell you here is that there are various services such as bubble in the “No Code” that I introduced earlier. When these come into Japan, they will be used by various people. When many people try it, some parts like “It’s no good here” appear.

Those who notice such a part will search by keywords. If you prepare “content” and “blog” like this for me, you will be able to attract customers from there. In this way, even a little thing can be a money-making technique. I also touched upon this point a little.

Here is a summary of Mr. Manabu’s story “How should I live?”

・Even if no code becomes popular, programming will not disappear.
・If possible, understand the programming and propose with two codes, no code.
・Understand the weak points and think about how to make a proper product.
・If many people participate, you can see the negative points and there is a business opportunity.

I listened to Manabu’s “voice” and put together a deeper understanding.
Next time, we will disclose the contents of “It is a free “earning idea” disclosure”

Thank you for reading to the end.
I am very happy if the information is useful to you.
See you again! Ciao☆彡

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