[Learning] 4 ways to keep from being frustrated by daily study

The other day, I tweetedhow to prevent students from being frustrated by studying“.

How to keep students from being frustrated with their studies 😎

For those who are not frustrated by studying, there are four characteristics below!

Creating a sustainable environment
Time management that can be modified
✅ Interest in subjects
✅ Constructive discussion with friends

These points are important for you not to be frustrated!
I write in detail on the blog “Kojini’s Cafe 🤗

Today, I will explain the content of that tweet in detail!
Students who are not frustrated by studying have “4 characteristics“.

① Sustainable environment
② Time management that can be modified

③ Interest in subjects
④ Constructive discussion with friends

You may be spending days studying for exams…
But you say goodbye to those days from today!
If you read and run this article, you have a bright future!

① Sustainable environment

Even if you study daily, review, or study for regular exams,
After all, what is important is the “environment” for continuing studying!

You want to do it, but you can’t because the desk is messy…
You don’t know what is where…
The “smartphone” that seduces you is within reach

There are many things that come to mind!
but it’s okay! Let’s start by removing these negative elements!
Let’s improve your “sustainable environment“!

I’m sure some people find it difficult,
so I will teach you how to do this!

The school library is small and quiet, so it’s an “optimal environment” for studying!
By saying, I suggest that you use the library for 1-2 hours after school!
You only need to review the courses you had that day for 10 to 15 minutes per course!
For example, 40-60 minutes is enough for 4 subjects!

You try! You can make it a habit!

② Time management that can be modified

Many students are not very good at time management!
But think about it!
You must be sitting at your desk in the classroom at least before waking up in the morning and at least the start-up chime sounds!
So you can manage your time properly!

The hard part is studying to plan for a specific individual!
For example, your daily preparations/reviews, regular exams…
But first, let’s make your own plan!

If you start with something that’s easy to do and you start doing it,
you’ll meet yourself who can keep doing it!

I’ll meet you, but somehow you will break off about the second week…
In that case, let’s dare to correct the time management!
You can restart with a new feeling!

③ Interest in subjects

Excuse me for saying this, but you may or may not be interested in studying now.
But you remember!
You must have been interested in something when you were a child!

For example, the time of Professor A’s social studies was always exciting,
I couldn’t understand Mr. B’s math time, but the math was beautiful,
Like Mr. C, I yearned to be able to speak other languages fluently…

It’s not too late now, so let’s identify the “something” you care about!

For example, Dr. D has a sense of familiarity,
E teacher is kind
Teacher F’s subject is easy to understand

Studying can actually change your interests from such a trivial aspect!
So, today, let’s think about such a trivial thing!
Surely you have new discoveries and turn into your interests!

④ Constructive discussion with friends

In a sense, your time with friends is the most important thing!
You may not understand even if you study by yourself.
But if you study with your friends, you can see this!

Of course, it’s bad for your friends if you just listen, so you also need to teach them in your areas of expertise!

This is an important output for studying!
You need the presence of “someone” to output what you input!

That’s the “friend” you should trust!

It’s okay for you to have a good time
Sometimes we also need to exchange constructive opinions from critical scrutiny!

Well, start with your doubts, make your own opinion,
Disclose it and ask the other party for their opinions…
Repeating this will further improve the “quality” of your study and your friends!

Even though he was annoyed, he sometimes brought in constructive discussions,
This is the best if everyone can level up!

In this article, I wrote about “4 ways to keep from being frustrated by daily study“,
How was it for you

We will continue to write useful information for you.
Thank you for reading to the end today.
See you again! Ciao☆彡

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