[Learning method] Studying method to improve learning effect in a short time

The other day, I tweeted4 ways of studying to improve the learning effect even in a short time“.

4 ways of studying to improve the learning effect even in a short time 😊

・Planning strategy
・Monitoring strategy
・Adjustment strategy
・Meaning understanding strategies

Understanding these four strategies is the key to achieving learning effects ❗️
Details will be posted on the blog 🤗
2:09 PM · June 9, 2020

Today, I will write the concrete contents!
Whether you are studying or working, it’s best to “get effective in a short amount of time”!
Actually, the school doesn’t teach you how to do that…
In this blog, I will give you useful information!

In the first place, it may be decided in the world because of the wealth of knowledge that the top and bottom are decided.
I think that many people do not know the study method (strategy) introduced this time.
That’s why you know that knowing can broaden your response!

This time, I will talk about the method (strategy).
There are two strategies below.

(1) Cognitive strategies
(2) Metacognitive strategy

(1) Cognitive strategies

This is a strategy that promotes effective learning by adjusting cognitive processes such as memory and thoughts.
Among them, there are the following six representative strategies.

① Assistance strategy
② Rehearsal and memory strategy
③ Resource utilization strategy
④ Institutionalization strategy
⑤ Meaning understanding strategy
⑥ Association strategy

(2) Metacognitive strategy

This is a strategy for improving learning efficiency through self-adjustment through objectively grasping and recognizing one’s thoughts and actions (metacognition).
Among them, there are the following three typical strategies.

① Planning strategy
② Monitoring strategy
③ Adjustment strategy

I think there are many people who didn’t know these things at all!
But you don’t have to know!
I’m sure you’re practicing any of these…

Under such circumstances, a research was conducted under the hypothesis that “the learning effect can be improved by devising the study method“, so I will disclose the information!

I will quote below.

“Multiplying grades (upper/middle/lower) and study time (longer/shorter than average) into 6 groups, of which group with higher grade/study time than average (Group A) and lower grade/study time I took up a group longer than the average (group B) and looked at the usage status of the study method.As you can see from the figure, group A has a higher frequency of use in all study methods than group B. In studying while checking if there is any, “In order to check the solution and way of thinking after grading,” group A is about 20 points higher. Of course, it is important to secure a certain amount of study time, but it can be said that devising study methods is also important for improving learning effects. ”
(Quoted from 2014 survey on elementary and junior high school students’ learning)

In short, it has been shown that it is possible to improve the learning effect in a short time by devising the study method!

In this figure, there are 1 strategy from ① and 3 strategies from ② metacognitive strategy.

Among them, in “Monitoring strategy” that belongs to ②, “Attach ◯ after solving a problem” is 93.2% in the group with the highest grade and study time (A group), and the average grade with the lowest grade and study time. Even the longer group (group B) shows 89.2%, the highest value in each group!

Also, although most of the group A showed higher prices, when extracting the top, it is as follows!

Interestingly, it was found that there was a “difference” in results between the top performers (Group A) and the bottom performers (Group B) (no statistical processing).
I think this is the difference whether or not you know your position in studying.
First of all, in order to improve this point, we should systematically proceed from basic content to application.

Adding a circle after solving a problem is a shortcut that can improve the learning effect even in a short time.
If you change the study method with this in mind, you will surely get good results!

This time, I wrote about “study methods to improve learning effect in a short time“,
How was it for you

I will continue to write useful information for you.
Thank you for reading to the end today.
See you again! Ciao☆彡

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