[Learning] Study to enter the top 3 is possible with 80% of the setup!

The other day, I did the following tweet↓

Features of how top students study 😎

・Setup 80%
・Goal setting
・Normal quota setting
・Time allocation

Here, there is a common thing that students can do well. This is important if you aim to be the “Top 3” in regular exams! I will write in detail on my blog “Kojini’s Cafe” ☆彡

Today I write about “80% of setup is important”!
Originally, “setup” is a word that describes the composition and development of Kabuki.
To be precise, “success is 80% setup and 20% work”!
In short, 80% of success depends on the preparation (preparation)!

If you classify “setup” in study into several,
In my case, there are four as follows.

① Prepare the environment
② Break down the learning content
③ Calculate the required time
④ Add to the schedule of the day

I “prepare” my study like this! I’ll explain in a little more detail by saying that you understand, but don’t understand.

① Prepare the environment

のんびり読書したくなる広いデッキや、部屋の片面が書庫になっている ...

In fact, many students don’t realize that this is so important!
Even students who are seriously studying in the school library,
Many desks are so cluttered that I don’t know which subject I am studying right now!
At that time, the top 3 students clean their desks.
In this sense, the top 3 know the study (subject) to be done,
The rest of the students haven’t been able to organize it at the stage of which subject to choose!
Of course, choosing a place where you can study quietly and calmly,
All you have to do is decide what you want to study and the textbooks and reference books to prepare are minimal!
First, let’s do this! What you see is different!

② Break down the learning content

For this item, you should look at a textbook, or a syllabus if you are a university!
All subjects are organized, there is a curriculum tree,
I am sure that it is scheduled for each “chapter”.
Therefore, while saying “I don’t understand here” or “I don’t know only here,”
Many students do not study before or after that chapter!
There’s a story to study, so it’s impossible that you can’t understand just that part…
So it’s important to check that you understand the incomplete understanding of the chapter before the unknown chapter!
If you study with this in mind, your grades will improve in no time!

③ Calculate the required time

It is very important to know how long it will take to manage your schedule!
If you don’t keep time exactly, you won’t finish studying that night and you’ll be left with…
This continues for the “non-top 10 students”!
Well, it may be possible, but if you study consciously every day, you will definitely learn accurate timekeeping, so you do not have to give up just because you couldn’t do it for a few days!
But it takes about 3 weeks to get used to it (I’ll talk about this habit on another occasion!)
First of all, when the time comes, the course ends and you can move on to the next schedule!
And check how much you have left over and see it as data!
I’m sure that not only study but also other things will be good!

④ Add to the schedule of the day

This section also applies to the time required for ③, but let’s check the daily schedule here.
I think some people work in the morning, but I would like to break down a day into three.
First of all, you need to sleep for 8 hours. (I think some people don’t need that much)
For example, a person who gets up at 6 o’clock has to sleep at 10 o’clock…
From waking up in the morning to going home, you need 12 hours to get home at 6pm.
And if you spend 2 hours on dinner or anything else, you only have 2 hours left!
I have set an extreme time here, but I think that the current students have a lot of sleep time, so it is a possible setting … So how to spend 2 hours is the game!
For example, if you want to study 4 subjects tonight, 30 minutes will be set for each subject!
If you think this is not the end, you need to rethink your schedule!
Do you want to cut something or make use of school breaks, etc…. Let’s think about the schedule!
That way, it may be very hard at first, but you can open the door to your dream!

Well, let’s summarize!
Students in the “Top 3” can do all four of these!
As for students who are in the “Top 10,” ① and ② are OK, but ③ and ④ are a little difficult to do!
For all other students, everything is halfway… and on top of that, they don’t know what to do…

So, let’s try to think in reverse!
Also, it is important not to give up from the beginning that you cannot do it even from the knowledge of brain science!
As you start thinking about these four points, your grades will gradually improve!
First of all, you can see the top 10!
Of course, you should also aim for the top 3!
First, let’s start and continue!
If you keep these four points, you will get done and you will be in the “Top 3”!

In this blog, I wrote about the “setup” of study,
I will write about the remaining items such as goal setting as well so that it will be useful information!
Thank you for reading to the end.
See you again! Ciao☆彡

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