[Learning] Goal setting to enter the top 3 in the class! Part 1

The other day, I did the following tweet↓

Features of how top students study 😎

・Setup 80%
・Goal setting
・Normal quota setting
・Time allocation

Here, there is a common thing that students can do well. This is important if you aim to be the “Top 3” in regular exams! I will write in detail on my blog “Kojini’s Cafe” ☆彡

Today, I will write about goal setting as the second step!
I know the importance of having a “goal” for both study and work.
However, the school does not teach you how to set it…
By saying that, I will tell you as useful information!

I think there are various things about “goal setting” in studying,
I always set goals with the image shown in the figure!
There are five things to consider when working on something!

① Linear or non-linear
② Academic ability

③ Learning
④ Intermediate point
⑤ Achievement

Now, let’s take a closer look.

① Linear or non-linear

If you look at this figure, there are two lines.
One is a straight line to the goal (linear)… This is ideal!
But as you’re experiencing, it just doesn’t happen…
What happens… Another meandering line (non-linear)… This is reality!
If you look closely, you can see that the non-linear part has an upward part and a flat part.
This is the cause of slowing down your study motivation!
The growing time is a good time when you feel what you can do!
A bad time trying to give up saying that this is a waste!
The advent of this bad time will stop the study you are trying to get into the habit of!
But what if you knew it was time to repeat when setting goals?
You should be able to overcome it with a little patience!
As everyone knows, if you don’t give up, you can reach the goal!

② Academic ability

“What do you want to improve by studying?”
“(Immediate answer) grade!”
It’s a barren question, but I think it’s this sentence that is being spoken in the streets!
I wonder if it really is… I started to worry about five years ago,
To date, we are verifying the flow of “education” from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology!
The words that have come out recently are “ability to live” and “certain academic ability”!
I will refer to “scholastic ability” here.

As shown in the figure, “three elements of academic ability” is defined (see the diagram of the pyramid).
The lowest level is “knowledge/skills”, and I think the school limits to this point.
This is a system where teachers talk one-sidedly in face-to-face classes!
The middle class is “thinking power, judgment power, and expressive power” and is important in social life.
Of course, “knowledge/skills” are needed as the basis for pondering, making decisions, expressing something, and making that happen!
At the highest level, “independence, diversity, and collaboration” are the qualities required of leaders. However, if you make a mistake in this, it will be “don’t care” or “don’t care”.
It is difficult to draw a line around here, and at school
I haven’t touched it much. I feel like waiting for my children to grow naturally!

In response to the first question, “What do you want to improve by studying?”, I used to answer “Grade” immediately. However, I refer to the fact that I consider the “three elements of academic ability” and extend the “independence” of the top layer.
Students have little interest in these…
Because at school, teachers don’t talk like that…
That’s why I dare to tell students such stories!
Unexpectedly, they listen to the students seriously!
And that such students are still in the top three
Let me introduce you again here!
It goes without saying, of course, until then, but without knowledge, it is impossible to think and judge, so self-directed actions become selfish actions!

③ Learning

The question “How are you learning?”
You’ll answer, “I’m learning from a teacher at school”…
Imagine if this really works!
In fact, most of the lessons in school are “input” as shown in the figure.
“Read/Listen/See” Isn’t that the end of class time?

That’s why I am practicing by changing the lesson system!

My lesson focuses on “thinking” and “output” ahead of input!
In simple terms, typing is a preparation.
That’s why I disclose what I have prepared during class (this is what I am talking about), while letting the students “compare” their viewpoints (this is thinking)!
And if they are similar, it’s almost OK!
If you can find a difference, then that is the essence of the problem!
In the end, let’s announce the similarities and differences together!
I have been holding classes like this for about 10 years!
By the way, I’m currently evolving to ask students for answers with a limited number of characters (for example, 140 characters) for preparation, and to copy important figures!

Here again, there is something in common with the top three in this kind of organizing power!
Thinking and selecting figures from a different perspective than other students!
In other words, you are deeply pursuing!
So you can get into the top three by starting to think deeper and deeper into what you first think of!

It has become very long. So, I’ll finish the blog here as “Part 1” with explanations from ① to ③!
Tomorrow, I will explain about ④ and ⑤ in “Part 2”.

This time, I wrote about things related to “goal setting”.
What did you think of this “goal setting” article?
I will continue to write it so that it will be useful information for you.
Thank you! Ciao☆彡

☆My BLOG “Kojini’s Cafe

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