[Learning] Goal setting to enter the top 3 in the class! Part 2

The other day, I did the following tweet

・Setup 80%
・Goal setting
・Normal quota setting
・Time allocation

Here, there is a common thing that students can do well. This is important if you aim to be the “Top 3” in regular exams! I will write in detail on my blog “Kojini’s Cafe” ☆彡

Today I will write about the continuation of “Goal Setting” (④ and ⑤) as the third step!
You know the importance of having a “goal” in your studies and work, but your school won’t tell you how to set it…
By saying, I will tell you as useful information!

In “Goal setting“, the following five are proposed.

① Linear or non-linear
② Academic ability
③ Learning
④ Intermediate point
⑤ Achievement

Yesterday, I explained ① to ③.
Today I’ll talk in detail about ④ intermediate point and ⑤ achievement level!

④ Intermediate point

Please see the attached figure ↑
This is the figure in which the goal was set after two months.
As I explained yesterday, if you normally follow a linear (blue dotted line)
The middle point should be M (red circle M).
Unfortunately, there seems to be a little left over every day,
There is a gap between the expected line (green) and the actual line (red)!

Here it seems that the gap is still small and can be fixed,
When studying for a real exam, there may be gaps that cannot be caught up…
So the waypoint is a “checkpoint” in every way!
Here are some points to check!

☑ time management
☑ study amount
☑ sustainability

But you are fine!
Check the gap here and evaluate “what was wrong“!
Then make a revised plan and aim for the goal and it will work!
That is the red dotted line (with arrow).

If you can check and correct your midpoint position,
You should be fine!
Of course, it’s great for you to repeat this before the waypoint!
The top three are all “corrective” like this!

⑤ Achievement

I talked about the middle point of ④, so I will suffer, but it is very important to understand the achievement level!
You should have already noticed, especially since the daily stacking relates to the size of the gap at the waypoint!

That’s right!
Knowing your daily learning = achievement is an important factor in planning your next day!

Of course, you set goals at the start and plan the whole thing, but it’s difficult to continue!
But if you can follow your daily leftovers properly, no problem!

It will put pressure on your study time the next day, but it is 100 times better than No Plan!

So I encourage my students to figure out what percentage of the plan you made the day before.

You can also write down the number of pages etc. on the plan sheet in detail,
Let’s check how far we were on the schedule page!
Of course, the day when you’re in good shape and your achievement level is 120% will come out after the midpoint, so please look forward to it!

In the top 3, there are many days when the achievement rate exceeds 100%!

This time, I wrote “How do I get into the top 3 of the school year!”, but you can use it for work!

If you are a student, proceed as written here!
If you’re a working member, you can achieve your desired goals by disassembling the company’s projects, making plans for each, checking daily achievements, and making corrections!

Thank you for reading to the end.
I hope this BLOG article is useful information for you.
See you again! Ciao☆彡

☆My BLOG “Kojini’s Cafe

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